Terraria 1.2.7899

A combination of action, construction, platforming, and roleplay with hours of game-play for mobile devices 

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Terraria is a sandbox adventure title that allows players to collect unique objects and explore massive worlds. Much like Minecraft, this game gives you the ability to craft thousands of items with exotic materials that can be found in dozens of different landscapes. It is currently one of the most expansive 2D games ever made, and it is a great option for veteran and casual gamers alike.

As a sandbox game, there is no set storyline to work through or final boss to defeat. Instead, players create a custom character before being thrust into a randomly generated world. Once you are in the world, you are given nothing more than a few basic items such as a pickaxe and sword. You must then use those items to burrow deep into the earth or create a safe home that will withstand mobs of monsters. Practically every single item that is seen on the screen can be broken into base materials. Those materials are then used to create everything from new weapons to bedroom furniture.

After surviving the first night, players can then begin the process of exploring the vast world around them. Because the world is randomly generated, players must be extremely careful as they explore new regions. During the day, the world is relatively relaxed with only the occasional creature crossing your path. Once the sun sets, however, you will have to defend yourself against skeletons, zombies, ghouls, and demon eyes. As the game progresses, you can begin using materials to upgrade your weapons and armor so that you can explore more dangerous zones. The most hazardous areas in the game tend to have the rarest materials.

Many sandbox games are difficult to control on mobile devices, and Terraria is no exception to that rule. After tapping on the screen to control a box or item, a small magnifying box appears. This feature gives players much more control over their character and the world around them, but it isn't perfect. Players have the ability to control their characters with a virtual joystick on the touchscreen as well. While these controls are not quite as responsive as a keyboard and mouse, they are still very easy to master.

Terraria is an excellent option for fans of sandbox games who want to take their titles with them. Most Android phones and tablets can easily run this game at very high frame rates. It also has excellent replayability due to the fact that each new world is randomly created. Fans of this game will be glad to hear that recent updates have added 2,000 items, eight new bosses, and 15 new pets.


  • New creatures, items, and materials
  • Expansive world
  • Excellent replayability


  • Difficult controls
  • Bad resolution on smaller screens
  • No multiplayer options

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